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Big In Biz With DiViz

Mar 27, 2022

An important part of owning a business is getting the right people, in the right seats, at the right time.  Succession planning is a key part of that and it also prepares you to exit the business when you are ready.  Today on the show, Beth Miller, author of "Replaceable" discussed the importance of succession planning...

Mar 18, 2022

If you're living your life in fear, you could be missing out on all of the fun and beauty life has to offer.  Today on the show Business Growth Strategist and Coach, Tim Croll tells us his inspiring story of overcoming fear and how you can also overcome your own fears.

Mar 11, 2022

If you can master the power of listening, you will win over so many people, without even having to be an extrovert!  Today on the show D. Scott Smith discusses how you too can become a motivational listener and improve your communication and networking skills along the way.

Mar 7, 2022

Are you seeking direction in your life?  Today on the show, Inspiration Specialist, Russ Hedge joins me to share his story and how you can go about pursuing your dreams.

Feb 28, 2022

Many people searching for healing both physically and mentally could benefit from CBD according to today's guest, Regional Manager of CBD Pros, Tara Ruscoe. Today on the show Tara joins me to explain how CBD can help you align your mind and body as well as the CBD Pros in-store experience that I can personally attest to.